As a marketer you want your marketing materials to connect with each customer individually, communicating real benefits that speak to their needs, wants, and desires. A practical and economical way of achieving this is to use a freelance copywriter. It will not only save you time, but will make you money.

Benefits of a Freelance Copywriter

An outsider brings value and new perspective to your company. Whether it’s offline or on the Web, freelance copywriters can see added benefits for your  products that you haven’t  seen because the freelancers are not as close to the product as you and your employees have been.  The writer can imagine what he or she would want from your products or services and write the marketing materials from that perspective.

More Economical

Hiring a freelancer writer can be more economical for you.   He or she doesn’t have the same overhead  as an advertising agency.  So, when billing you, the freelancer doesn’t have to consider any exuberant lease or a number of employees to pay. Therefore you get great copywriting at a great value.

Whether you hire an online or offline freelance copywriter, you don’t have to worry about providing health insurance and other benefits, and you avoid employee expenses.  All you have to pay is the freelancer’s fee.  And the freelancer is only working for you as needed.

With a freelance copywriter you and your employees will be more productive.  And you can spend your time running your business; once your employees know that a freelancer will handle the marketing materials, they’ll be able to focus on their responsibilities.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have come along way.  Today’s search engines like Google and Bing have gotten smart.  They are demanding higher quality in their search results to satisfy searchers.  When it comes to search results, Google and Bing want original and relevant content.  A freelance copywriter will be able to write copy for people, copy that sounds as natural as possible, and is optimized for search engines.

A Wide Range of Experience

Unlike your employees, who are experts in a particular area, a freelance copywriter’s knowledge is broad-based.  Exposure to various industries has given the freelancer a wide range of experience.  This allows him or her to approach the project with broader perspective.

This means your product will be of high quality.  And you don’t have to worry about grammar and context — something your employees might be uncomfortable with or find tedious — as a freelance copywriter would give these proper consideration.

And as to priority, a freelance copywriter has one: writing sales copy that sells your products and services — sales copy that communicates the unique quality of your products.


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