Get the direct response copywriting services you need here at Terrence Blair Copywriting.

Most likely you’re here because you need persuasive online or offline direct response copywriting services.

As a freelance copywriter, I write to sell.  I specialize in online and offline persuasive sales copy using direct response copywriting techniques.  But being a versatile writer, my real specialty is my ability to write engaging, credible, and persuasive copy on a wide range of topics, products, and services.

These copywriting services can help you grow your business, gain market share, and improve your results.

What Do You Need Help With?

  • Advertorial

  • Brochure

  • Case Study

  • Email Marketing

  • Landing Page

  • Press Release

  • Sales Letter

  • White Paper

  • Web Copywriting

So whatever product you are selling, unless it is highly technical, I will write copy for it that’s geared toward one goal: selling your product.

Whatever product you’re selling I will write copy that incorporates the marketing concept of feature and benefit, and unique selling proposition, into copy that is clear, fresh, persuasive, and motivates your audience to act.

For me writing is not a hobby – it’s my profession.  It’s not something I do to blow off steam or clear my head.  So whether it’s articles, stories, or marketing materials, I put all my skill and ability into everything I write.

Do you need copywriting services for your email marketing campaign, landing page, direct mail package, or sales letter?

Why not try my direct response copywriting services? You’ll benefit from a copywriter dedicated to your marketing goals?

See my online contact form.  Just fill it out the best you can, I’ll contact you with any questions.

P.S. Feel free to email me if you have an immediate need for copywriting service at And don’t worry.  There is no charge for discussing your project, and you’re under no obligation to buy anything.


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